The Nordic Swan is an ecolabelling scheme established in 1989 in Northern Europe with the goal to promote environmentally-friendly manufacturing. The assessment of environmental impact takes the selected raw and other materials into account. The paper labelled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel complies with extremely high environmental protection and quality requirements.

Fiber must be bleached without any chlorine compounds.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel is granted after successfully passing a measurement test consisting of the following:
1. AOX (Organic halogen subject to absorption) is a measurement system determining the content of chlorine and other organic halogen compounds.
2. COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) is the measurement of the quantity of oxygen used in degradation of organic substances.
3. S (Sulphur Emissions) is the measurement of sulphur emission during the manufacturing process.
Other specific criteria also apply to solvents used to clean manufacturing equipment.