Western Europe has always been step in step with cutting-edge technology and fashion. People see no need to burden their lives with time-consuming site preparation and construction works to build homes, office buildings or industrial premises. Therefore, they choose prefabricated buildings. “My house is my servant, not my master” is the present-day credo.

Advantages of a modular building:

  • Reliable constructions
  • Quick to build
  • Construction is possible all year round
  • Incredibly fast assembly
  • All utilities are pre-installed in the module
  • The building is warm and retains optimal humidity inside
  • Good soundproofing
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Health-friendly
  • No floor plan or design limitations
  • Can be relocated from one place to another

Baltic Modules is a subsidiary of a Danish company successfully operating in Lithuania for 10 years. We have accumulated invaluable experience and can offer you premium quality products. Baltic Modules constantly employs around 30 highly qualified specialists. Let us help you to bring your ideas to life by sharing our knowledge and experience. Together we can find the optimal solutions that suit your needs best.

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