Western Europe has a long history of keeping pace with technology, fashion, and making life difficult with long preparation and construction processes to take care of your own residential, administrative or commercial space – they choose modules. Guided by the credo, “I am not the house, the house serves me.”

Modular house:

  • Reliable for its designs
  • Quick to build
  • The time of year does not matter for construction
  • Installation time is extremely short
  • All engineering communications are already built into the module designs
  • Warm and maintains optimal indoor humidity
  • Impervious to noise
  • Saving
  • Organic
  • Grateful for your health
  • Has no room planning or design restrictions
  • Can be transported from one place to another

UAB Baltic Modules   is a subsidiary of a Danish company that has been operating in Lithuania for 10 years. During these years, we have gained enough experience to offer a high quality product. Our company employs about 30 people who are qualified specialists in their fields. We will help you to realize your ideas, share our knowledge and accumulated experience to help you find the optimal one that suits your needs.